The mansion is located in the Southern Great Planes. Long pastures, watery meadows, and woods vary in the area. Because of the old style farming and the local conditions you can ride tens of kilometres without any fences or obstructions in your way. Today this area is less populated but during the last century, it had a rich farming population with many prosperous farmsteads. You can witness the remains when you come across some abandoned farm-houses, or see the special “gémes”-well or piles of earth surrounded by lilac trees. This area with reeds, marshes and woods was a perfect hiding-place for the outlaws, called “betyárok”, in the 19th century rebelling against the actual government. One of them was Sándor Rózsa, the most famous Hungarian outlaw. Some of the oldest local people still tell stories about that well-known bandit.

Today the very special flora and fauna, which is unique in Europe, invites the majority of the visitors.

Just an easy ride from the mansion and we can reach Fehértó, famous from its many protected and amazing birds. If we ride by the beautiful Dongér Main-Canal, we get to the river Tisza. Visit the National Heritage Park in Ópusztaszer only twelve kilometres far with its famous panorama-picture and Open-air Museum. Take a break at the first and only Hindu temple of Hungary, or in a 2 day tour visit the world-unique juniper-field in Bugac, in the National Park of Kiskunság.

No matter which direction you choose, you definitely find an ideal, beautiful place for riding.